3lb 1oz sewin, Shane Jones, 28th May 2009 Two brace of Aeron beauties (7lb 1oz), Shane Jones, 28th May 2009 Otter spraint in Bevans pool Nice spinning water in May Otter spraints in Bevans pool 5lb sewin, caught by Geoff Churton. June 2012 No 9 on the gauge - a very big flood in June No 9 on the gauge - water up to the top of the leet A casualty of the flood A stunningly fresh and plump three pounder to Ifan Jones on the spinner 10 June 2012 A lean 2lb 5oz sewin taken on the condom by Shane Jones, 08th July 2012 Superb spinning water. Looking downriver from the bottom pool to Pengarreg pool Sewin 3lb 3oz 17th June 2012 Shane Jones Salmon caught by Stephen Williams 09 Jul 12, 5lb 10oz Steohen Williams with his first ever salmon, caught on the Aeron 09 Jul 12, 5lb 10oz John Davies' 12lb salmon from Station Pool caught on a Mepp, July 12 The Chairman, Joh Davies, with a 12lb salmon from Station Pool, caught on the Mepp, July 12 A lovely fresh run early season 5lb 6oz sewin caught by Nigel Browne Steven Williams with an Aeron July sewin Gary Williams with an Aeron summer sewin 3lb 7oz to Caradog Thomas A bristling fresh fish to Gary Williams 3lb 7oz to Caradog Thomas Steven Willaims with a nice brace A nice brace for Denis Highes Just under 2lb for Aled Lloyd Three July sewin for Shane Jones A nice brace for Caradog Thomas