2024 Club membership is now available to purchase online. Follow the link on the Permits tab

The Club will again hold a guest permit week in June (10-16th) when members can bring a guest to fish with them on the Aeron, as a trial, for free. Note that members have to be present with the guest at all times and the guest must possess the relevant rod licence - day, week and season options are available from the Environment Agency.

A member has reported seeing several eels discarded with their heads cut off on the riverbanks last season. These may be from anglers and, if so, this is completely unacceptable. Any member caught doing this will be banned from the Club. Please return all eels safely to the water. If they swallow the hook and it can’t be removed, cut the leader as close to the hook as possible without harming the fish and return it - the hook will rust away. All hooks used should be barbless now.

The dates for the Club’s lake competitions and venues are now are confirmed in the Calendar.

Welcome to Aberaeron Town Angling Club (ATAC). Our aim is to provide information to local and visiting anglers alike so all can enjoy fishing the small but beautiful river Aeron. This site aims to supplement the experience of fishing this superb little river with relevant information and advice so everyone can benefit from a central point lookup that is both current and reliable.  

Should you wish to visit Aberaeron and fish for sewin, you will come to know that this site will help you in your efforts. If the fishing is good, and it can be excellent, we will tell you. Equally, if the fishing is not so good, we will tell you this also. After all, the Aeron is a spate river and its fish are migratory so there are no guarantees - and we make no apology for this.  

Should you be lucky enough, just after dusk one warm June evening, to hook into a 4lb sewin only 10 minutes off the tide, you will know why the Aeron is often referred to as a ‘gem’ of a river.  
Tight lines!

Shane Jones

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16 June 24
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