RULES (2023) Most recent changes in red

 1    The Club shall be called the Aberaeron Town Angling Club. Full membership is confined to persons residing permanently within a two mile radius of the County Hall, Aberaeron.

2a    Non-local residents who have previously received local membership tickets will continue to be classified as local members provided their membership does not lapse.

2b    A native of the town of Aberaeron who has moved away to live is entitled to receive full local membership. Applications to made in writing to the Secretary giving full details.

3     Only holders of an appropriate E.A. National rod licence, for the species being targeted, may fish on Club waters.

4     Only the following baits or lures may be used on Club waters: a) worm, shrimp or prawn; b) artificial fly; c) artificial minnow, spoon or plug. Worm fishing is only permitted for sewin from 01 May to 07 October. Worm fishing for salmon is prohibited at all times. Shrimp/prawn can only be used from 01 September to 07 October.

5     No rod shall be left unattended.

6     Any water bailiff or ticket holder (on producing his or her ticket) may demand to see the ticket of any person found fishing in Club waters and may examine any basket, bag or any other receptacle used by such person for carrying fish or tackle.

7     Members must be careful to ascertain the boundaries of Club waters.

8     Fixed spool and multiplier reels are only permitted upstream from the second road bridge (former Water Board Offices).

9     There is a limit of 4 migratory fish (2 taken and 2 released) per day between 12 midnight one day and 12 midnight the following day, i.e., a normal day. Any takeable fish returned shall count towards the 4. The above is subject to Natural Resources Wales byelaws (i.e., all salmon of any length and all sewin over 60cm caught at any time in the season must be returned alive). All sewin caught before 01 May must also be returned alive and unharmed to the water. The maximum number of sewin that may be taken in any one season is 15. This is a voluntary limit but all anglers are expected to comply.

10    Members guilty of wilful damage to crops, fences or other property, or taking dogs on the land, will forfeit their membership. No litter, weights or nylon to be left on the riverbank. Anglers are not permitted to have dogs with them whilst fishing.

11    No spinning below the second road bridge in low, clear water. One hook cast to be used for bottom fishing.

12    It is illegal to catch peel (gwyniad).

13    No encroaching on the weirs beyond the white lines.

14    Any member found convicted of an angling offence is liable to be banned.

15    No float fishing on Club waters.

16    No fishing for trout below the second road bridge before 31st May.

17    All complaints must be made in writing to the Secretary.

18    Day permit holders to fish only above the second road bridge.

19    The Committee has the right to close Club waters at its discretion.

20    No nylon less than 4 lb to be used for sewin and salmon fishing. Traces of a lower breaking strain than the main line must be used.

21    Only disabled anglers and senior citizens to use seats.

22    River competitions are open to Full Members only; lake competitions are open to all members.

23    Specimen fish to be entered in Club competitions must be weighed or measured in to an officer of the Club or a Committee member and then confirmed in writing to the Secretary within seven days of the date of capture together with evidence of the weight of the fish from a commercial weighing scales, e.g., from a butcher or grocer or by a photograph of the fish with a measuring tape placed alongside or on the fish clearly showing its length.

24    No alcohol to be consumed on the riverbank.