News 2023

Alexandra Picnic table pool Bryan Hughes fishing a nice drift on Lough Corrib Mike Barrs with a superb 17.5lb Llyn Clywedog brown trout Nice water in Bevan's Pool Sewin, 8lb 6.5oz, Dan Morgan, May 2009 The early morning sun comes up over the Top Pool during a nice summer flood Dan Morgan with a 8lb 6.5oz sewin, May 2009

Bank maintenance

The annual bank maintenance went ahead on 25th Feb and was well attended. The Town Pools water was given a haircut and a spring clean and access was significantly improved and overhanging branches removed at Dolgwarthg Pool such that it can now be easily fished with the fly along its length. A big thank you to all who joined in the day. Other targeted days may be organised in the coming weeks and months. There are some steps leading to Pengarreg Pool that need resetting and the north bank at Glynaeron needs a good clearing.

Bank maintenance

There will be a bank maintenance day, meeting at 10am on the 25th February at the Town Pools in Aberaeron. The day will consist of cutting and trimming hedges, bushes, overgrowing branches, etc., as well as maintaining and opening up access to Club waters where necessary. Please bring appropriate tools if you have any but if not please come along as there is always something to do and the Club and other members bring tools for the job. Please also bring a packed lunch as we will work until about 3pm. This will be followed by drinks in The Hive, Aberaeron, whilst watching the Wales v England game in the Six Nations.

Guest Permit week

The Club will again hold a guest permit week in June (12-18th) when members can bring a guest to fish with them on the Aeron, as a trial, for free. Note that members have to be present with the guest at all times and the guest must possess the relevant rod licence - day, week and season options are available from the Environment Agency.

As this may increase numbers fishing the town pools, please be sensitive to the numbers present and rotate locations so everyone can have a go.

Club lake competition dates

All Club lake competition dates have been set and are now visible in the Calendar on this site. The Club is again very grateful to the sponsors of these events (The Hive, Pont Steffan Dental Practice and Y Seler) who provide the prizes for first, second and third places but also a prize for the biggest fish caught in each competition. If interested in competing, please contact the Lake Secretary.

Rivers Arth and Aeron water quality analysis

Club member, Mike Lench, has engaged with a project on the river Arth to reduce sewage pollution entering the river from the Dwr Cymru treatment works which has been referenced in the press as being one of the most polluting plants in the UK based on number of hours discharge into the river occurred outside permitted times. The project is overseen by the West Wales Rivers Trust and has funding to generate data on water quality in the Arth via a Citizen Science initiative. The project has now been expanded to include the Aeron too and Mike has been sampling, and will continue to sample, the Aeron at multiple points, every two weeks, testing for pH, conductivity and phosphates as indicators of water quality - a second person is routinely monitoring the Arth. It is hoped that the chemical testing will shortly be supplemented with kick sampling to monitor aquatic invertebrates, which are great indicators of water quality - the absence and presence of certain species can reveal a lot about the quality of the water and has the benefit of being a ‘look into the past’ as it provides information on what has happened rather than the present conditions, a limitation of chemical testing which is a snapshot in time. The data generated will be combined with that generated by Natural Resources Wales to provide a fuller picture of the water quality in the rivers. Since water quality is vital for all aquatic life, this project is of significant importance, so, If you see Mike on the banks, stop and have a chat about his work as he is passionate and would be happy to explain what he is doing.
Thanks Mike!