Club waters

Aberaeron Town Angling Club is the only official angling club on the river Aeron. It controls about 2 miles of predominantly double bank fishing on the lower Aeron extending inland from the tidal limit. The Club also controls two short sections of water on the river Teifi above Lampeter and a stretch of the river Arth, the Aeron’s neighbouring river. The Aeron is easily accessible along the length of the Club’s water and also provides for very convenient yet unexpectedly productive fishing within Aberaeron town itself.

Fishing on partner organisation waters

So as to offer best value and a diversity of options for the visiting angler and local members alike, the Club has a partnership arrangement in place with the National Trust, Llanerchaeron Estate. A discounted permit scheme is available to members purchasing permits to fish both ATAC and the neighbouring National Trust Llanerchaeron Mansion Estate waters. Members of ATAC need to show their ATAC permit when purchasing a National Trust permit at the Llanerchaeron estate to qualify for the discount which is applied at this point. This combined option provides for almost 4 miles of continuous lower Aeron sea trout fishing offering superb sport to all methods.

The Aeron is a classic spate river and contains sea trout (locally referred to as sewin), salmon and brown trout. The sewin range in size from half a pound to ten pounds or more. Salmon have been caught over 20lb and one spectacular example caught by Carl Scourfield was mounted for many years in the bar of the Feathers Royal Hotel, Aberaeron. The native brown trout are predictably small but can provide challenging sport using light tackle. The river contains no coarse fish other than eels, though pike are present in Llyn Fanod and Llyn Eiddwen that feed the Aeron - these lakes are not controlled by the Club but can be fished for free via public access points with an EA rod license. A superb 20lb pike caught by Conrad Jones on fly at Llyn Eiddwen could also be seen in the bar of the Feathers Royal Hotel, Aberaeron.
Best Times
The sewin begin running in April or May and continue until the end of the season. The runs are generally water level dependent with the best runs usually proceeding during higher water levels. Sewin can be caught during the day on worm and spinner, especially during high water, with fly-fishing best restricted until after dark during times of clear water. Salmon run the river during conditions of high water and are generally caught during the second half of the season. Trout can be caught at all times during the season.

Season Duration
The Aeron, like all rivers containing game fish, is only fishable at certain permitted times. The season opens for all species on 01 April and closes on 17 October. Within this period, all salmon caught must be returned to the water alive as quickly as possible and without harm. All sewin over 60cm must also be returned alive at all points during the season. Worm fishing for sewin is now restricted to the period 01 May to 07 October, whereas  spinning and fly-fishing can be used for the whole season from 01 April to 17 October. Worm fishing for salmon is prohibited at all times.

Trout, sewin and salmon can be caught on worm, spinner and fly. Shrimp or prawn is also permitted but the use of all non-aquatic larvae including maggots is prohibited.  Floats are also prohibited, as is the use of multiplier reels or fixed spool reels on the town water below the upper town road bridge. Note that the NRW publish byelaws restricting the use of certain baits, methods and tackle and every angler is encouraged to fully familiarise themselves with these rules.
See Club rules for a fuller treatment of Club specific rules that augment NRW byelaws.

For worm angling, a nine or ten foot rod and a reel holding ten or twelve pound breaking strain line is adequate (the use of multiplier and spinning reels is prohibited below the town’s upper road bridge). A small swivel, weight and a trace of lower breaking strain (mandatory) to a size six or eight hook will be all that is required for worm fishing, with compost worms being locally preferred to lob worms. The same tackle can be used with a spinner, usually a Mepps or similar. Fly-fishing is generally carried out at night using a nine or ten foot rod rated six to eight. A floating or intermediate fly line attached to nine feet of seven or eight pound nylon and two flies will cover most situations. The best flies for the Aeron are generally those that contain a silver body in sizes eight and ten - local favourites are the ‘Teal Blue and Silver’, the ‘Alexandra’ and the ‘Black and Silver’.

Lake fishing
The Club does not own or lease any lakes but does possess a well-supported and active lake fishing section. The emphasis is on fly-fishing and regular trips and competitions are organised. Information on these can be obtained by contacting the Lake Secretary.


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