ATAC’s prime fishing is on the lower Aeron from the tidal limit to about 2 miles inland. The sewin fishing it provides is the mainstay of the Club and has, over the years, been quite superb. Also on the ATAC permit, for many years, anglers have been able to fish two short stretches of the upper Teifi above Lampeter and a stretch of the river Arth owned by the Mondachty Estate. The upper Teifi can produce good brown trout fishing at times and later in the season there is always the chance of a late run autumn salmon. The Arth provides sewin and small brown trout fishing on a pristine fast flowing spate stream. The trout are small but can be plentiful and are extremely challenging as they are easily spooked in the clear water. Moving slowly upstream casting a small dry fly is the name of the game and if the size of the fish is less important than the thrill of outwitting a wild brown trout to an artificial fly in beautiful unspoilt surroundings then this is for you.

ATAC has always felt that this package represents good value for money whether it be for the season, week or day permit angler. However, so as to further expand the package available to members, ATAC has embarked on a partnership with the National Trust at Llanerchaeron..

ATAC & National Trust Llanerchaeron discount permit scheme

ATAC has partnered with the National Trust at the Llanerchaeron Mansion estate to provide a joint permit discount scheme. Anglers joining both organisations are eligible for a discount on the combined permit price. The discount is only available via the permit sales office at the Llanerchaeron Mansion - ATAC permit holders present their permit at the Llanerchaeron permit office when joining the Llanerchaeron water and the full discount will be applied to the cost of the Llanerchaeron permit price. The package allows members to fish both stretches of water providing approximately 4 miles of continuous sewin fishing from just below Ciliau Aeron to the sea pool at the tidal limit in Aberaeron. These two stretches combined provide something for every angler whether your preference is fly, spinner or worm. You can fish in secluded woodland where spinning under overhanging trees for sewin sheltering in a slow pool undercutting the opposite bank is the order of the day or you can fly fish at night in the more open water of Aberaeron town for a fresh sewin just in off the top of the tide. Whatever your choice, there is something for everyone here, local or visiting anglers alike.

Joint permit prices are provided on the Permits page.

Note that whilst fishing National Trust water, National Trust rules apply not those of ATAC. All anglers are expected to abide by those rules. Note also that bag limits cannot be doubled by fishing both stretches. Club limits apply when fishing Club waters and national limits apply also.

Llanerchaeron Mansion

Llanerchaeron Mansion is a Georgian villa designed by John Nash in 1792 that is now run by the National Trust and makes a wonderful day out for the family staying in or around Aberaeron.


The Aeron at the tidal limit